Chick Tract Review: This Was Your Life!

Jack Chick sez: Everything you have said or done will be played back at judgment. Will your name be in the Book of Life?

After the utter bugfuckery of Somebody Loves Me, Lisa, and… well, just about every other tract I’ve reviewed on this site, This Was Your Life! comes off as a bit quaint. The protagonist still gets his sinning ass tossed into Hell, but for once it’s not because he’s gay or believes in science. Chick claims that the poor man’s eternal damnation stems from his rejection of Christ as his savior. However, I think we can all see this man’s greatest sin was being a colossal douche.


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Chick Tract Review: Somebody Loves Me

Jack Chick sez: Beaten and alone, a child dies. But Jesus cares.

Welcome to another exciting edition of Ecclesiastical Snuff Tracts, where Jack Chick demonstrates the love of Christ by brutally murdering a child.  The child in question is an adorable little waif who bears an eerie resemblance to Liza Minnelli.


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Chick Tract Review: Somebody Goofed

Jack Chick sez: A young man goofs when he is talked out of receiving Jesus as Saviour.

The year was 1976.  Our nation was celebrating its Bicentennial.  Jimmy Carter was running for president, The Captain and Tennille were tearing up the airwaves, and a young Ron “Horshack” Palillo had just taught us how to laugh again.

I was a young, naive third-grader, full of hopes and dreams (most of which involved Lynda Carter).  Little did I realize that my youthful optimism and childlike faith in God would soon be shattered by an innocuous little comic book tract entitled Somebody Goofed.


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Chick Trope: Hot Chick on Chick Action

Occasionally, you’ll be reading through a Chick tract, and you’ll stumble across one of the characters reading a Chick tract! Elaborate metafictional construct, or blatant product placement? YOU be the judge!