Chick Tract Review: This Was Your Life!

Jack Chick sez: Everything you have said or done will be played back at judgment. Will your name be in the Book of Life?

After the utter bugfuckery of Somebody Loves Me, Lisa, and… well, just about every other tract I’ve reviewed on this site, This Was Your Life! comes off as a bit quaint. The protagonist still gets his sinning ass tossed into Hell, but for once it’s not because he’s gay or believes in science. Chick claims that the poor man’s eternal damnation stems from his rejection of Christ as his savior. However, I think we can all see this man’s greatest sin was being a colossal douche.

We are introduced to our hero, looking quite dashing with his pipe and windbreaker/turtleneck ensemble as he sips a highball and basks in the glory of his sports car and console television set.

However, the enjoyment of his mammonism is cut short by the Grim Reaper himself. The poor bastard dies with a startled “Whaaa?” leaving behind a mysteriously floating pipe and drinking glass.

No sooner is our protagonist in the ground when he is awakened by the booming voice of God and yanked up naked through the graveyard dirt. You know, like it says in John 5:29.

A rather brawny angel delivers him to a waiting room, where he awaits his final judgment. The poor man tries to convince the angel that he’s not so bad, but the angel really doesn’t seem to give a shit.

Eventually, he is called before the Throne of God. At the risk of sounding pedantic, I have to admit I’m a little confused by the chronology of the whole thing. Chick quotes a verse from the Revelation of St. John, which implies this mass judgment of the dead is occurring in the End Times™. Which means that either the Apocalypse happened right after this guy died, or he’s been sitting in that waiting room for a long ass time.

Of course, since God is taking the time to personally review the case of every dead person, I can only imagine there would be quite the backlog. Our hero is treated to a multimedia presentation of his life…

…including his mispent teenage years of telling dirty jokes and watching women pee standing up.

The sinful charges leveled against the poor guy include false accusations, hypocrisy, deceit, and lying, which are all pretty much the same sin, aren’t they? He also stands accused of disobeying his parents, thieving, being envious, hating God, whoremongering, backbiting, and um… whispering?

And finally, most damning of all, he was bored in church!

The poor man is overcome with remorse and breaks down sobbing. However, it’s too late. His name doesn’t appear in the Book of Life…

…and so he gets tossed into Hell. Which explains why those angels are so buff, I guess. Chucking sinners gives you quite the upper body workout.

Fortunately, Chick tells us, it doesn’t have to be that way! He gives us a Run Lola Run type alternative ending where we see our hero living a good, Christian life…

…and being welcomed into Heaven when he dies by Giant Faceless God.

This Was Your Life! is Jack Chick’s most popular tract. It’s been translated into over 120 languages, and has been adapted for a number of different audiences.

It’s Your Life! (Adapted for Black Audiences)

This Was Your Life! (Adapted for Middle Eastern Audiences)

This Was Your Life! (Adapted for Chinese Audiences)

This Was Your Life! (Adapted for Indian Audiences)

You Have a Date! (Adapted for Women)

(Interestingly, the woman avoids the pitfalls of whoremongering and whispering. However, she does get into drugs and witchcraft, because those sins are much more relatable to women.  Also, she gets to keep her clothes on during her judgment, because naked women are wicked and offensive to God.)

It’s truly a Rainbow Coalition of Asshattery. Thank you, Jack.

Update – November 2, 2019

I’ve had a number of folks point out versions that I missed, so here you go. Enjoy!

This Was Your Life! (Adapted for Fijian Audiences)



This Was Your Life! (Adapted for English-African Audiences)



This Was Your Life! (Adapted for Bamileke Audiences)



Your Best Life (Adapted for Muslim Audiences)



Your Big Moment (Adapted for Black Women)



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  1. What, no Gay version? ;D

  2. I know, right? Somebody ought to start a letter writing campaign!

  3. Damn that chinese version got some gangsta style, and us poor whiteys got stuck with being the mayor of douchetown.

  4. Thanks for putting this together, as I was bringing the different ones up and comparing them manually. I guess the African-American version wasn’t African enough for people who speak Ngiemboon, so they got head wraps and some extra frills on their shirts.

  5. We should do a parody where the Indian guy gets rescued by Krishna!

  6. You’re missing the edition for Fidjians:
    Also there’s one for African American women:

    And I think that’s it, so far.

  7. The African American Woman version might be my favorite. She decides not to accept Jesus properly because she would get a bad grade? Oh, right, and “bi” needs to be defined, it’s such an obscure perversion. Chick Publications has a finger RIGHT on the pulse of mainstream America.

    Both female versions have “witchcraft” as a sin. Sounds pretty legit, you know how us ladies are.

  8. I read this tract when I was around 10 years old, sitting in the waiting room of a hospital. The imagery and the story scared me and stuck with me throughout my life. It came to mind when I “accepted christ” at 18, and throughout the 26 years I wasted on Christianity. What a horrid little booklet.

  9. If he told the dirtiest story he ever heard, they must have already watched the day that he heard it.

  10. That’s strange: only the ones “for women” include “pornography” in the “big list of sins” panel.

    -Lloyd Bochner-‘How to Serve Mankind’:The Twilight Zone.
    Kirk Cameron/Jim Parsons 2016!!

  12. Why no Latino version?
    Mr. Chick is missing out on a major demographic, full of Catholics he thinks need saving!

  13. some day you will wish you had listened and heeded the gospel.


    • Some day, Jack Chick will wish he had as well.

  14. […] remember seeing that Jack Chick comic, “This Was Your Life” around age ten, and being absolutely terrified. The idea of having to account for all my misdeeds […]

  15. There was one of these lying around the house when I was a kid, I read it when I was about 6. Traumatised the shit out of me!

  16. […]                             This Was Your Life! […]

  17. Chick Tracts are a wonderful way to spread the gospel if you are not comfortable with speaking skills. I remember reading them when I was a little girl. Thanks to them, I realized how important it is to have God in my life. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at age 12 thanks to these publications.

  18. That tract may be a little dated but its point is good. So sad for all of you who mock it. You are not thinking you are just being stupid.

  19. Hey guys read the truth about hell. On how christian have lie to you and me by saying we will burn for eternity. No we won’t because the punishment for sins is death. You can read all about it on here.

  20. Here’s a couple more.

  21. Hooray I just can’t wait to face jesus at all that will be supper nice for me & yes, jesus will reveal my life most of the nights I dream about I am standing before jesus at the judgment seat. Thanks for this video I like it very much.

  22. You can make fun all you want. The tract is awakening. We will either bow down before God on earth or we will in heaven. Each of us will have to give an account for our life!!! HE is our ONLY HOPE. He can make so much more of your life than you could ever dream. Just believe, repent, and trust Him. GOD BLESS all of you!!!!!! PS. I am not a preacher. Just a 69 yr. old lady who know from experience what a joy it is to let GOD take control. A different Peace and Love. I hope HE SAVES YOU!!! He doesn’t promise life will be easier but HE will be there to give you the strength to handle whatever you have to endure.

  23. It’s really too bad that you don’t get it. This “little booklet” was placed in all your lives to get through to you, but just the the first character we meet in the book you seem to not want the truth.

  24. Some would laugh at the images or the versions, but I first read this tract in 1974 or 1975 and have never forgotten it or the intent of it. The beauty, simplicity, and power of the Gospel is simply and effectively told. The images are dated, but the message is timeless.

  25. Once you are dead, Time means nothing and does not exist. Therefore, you can meet one-on-one with Moses, say, or Elijah, or Jesus or even God the Father, whenever you want. NO WAITING! (things are different in Heaven, Bro!) All the questions that you ever had about anything, can be asked and will be answered! You have all eternity to pursue this quest.

  26. Just wow… so many here decided to make fun of this tract because their favorite sins are so much more important to them than the consequences. Then again, this snowflake generation all believe that they are each “special” and that there should be no consequences or cost for anything they do.

    The thing is: that selfish way of thinking is a fail from the start. The Lord loved man enough to come die in his place, so that man could be saved from an eternity in the Lake of Fire. Jack Chick loved the Lord to serve Him, and his fellow man enough to draw these tracts to try to illustrate the truth for you. But he’s called vicious names for it, because the world loves its’ own but despises the truth. I don’t think most of you could hack trying to be a Christian, it takes guts (something this generation knows little about).

    Instead of sitting there making jokes and mocking the Lord you will one day stand before, did it ever occur to any of the mockers here to take this tract at its’ word? You’re not guaranteed tomorrow, and time can run out quick, especially with all the risky and idiotic stuff you folks do.


    • Easy there, Papaw. I know you hate these kids today, what with their big pants and their Twitters and their MTV video games, but you might want to rethink your message. “You’re too much of a pussy to be a Christian” is certainly in line with a lot of Jack Chick tracts, but probably not the best way to convince people that you’re filled with Christ’s love.

      The God that Jack Chick believes in is a capricious asshole who is just looking for excuses to throw people into Hell. It sounds like his message is directly in line with your own, so I guess there *is* an audience for people prefer to receive their spiritual guidance from comic books.

  27. The odd thing about Chick’s theology is that it makes pretty much everything in this comic irrelivent.

    If the dude had repented and believed in Jesus five minutes before he died, then he would have sat through the embarrasing account of all his sins, but then been told “but don’t worry, that is all forgiven”, and would have been let into heaven.

    All the good behaviour depicted in the “alternative life” panel is apparently unnecessary if you believe – and if you don’t believe, it won’t help.

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