Chick Tract Review: Lisa

Jack Chick sez: Pornography triggers sexual perversion.

This shameful tract is no longer in print, and isn’t even available on the Chick Publications website. However, it is included in the book Hot Topics, in which Chick and the equally insane David W. Daniels tackle six of the “hottest issues of our times,” most of which seem to involve different permutations of gay people and child molestation. And Dungeons & Dragons for some reason.

Lisa was first written and distributed back in 1984, but was quickly yanked for reasons that become painfully obvious once you actually read the damn thing.

It tells the story of Henry, an unemployed and henpecked husband with a penchant for naughty videos. Oh, and apparently he’s been repeatedly raping his young daughter Lisa for quite some time. It’s not a well kept secret. Even Henry’s neighbor Charlie knows, and promises to keep quiet if Henry will agree to “share and share alike.”

We jump ahead to two months later. Young Lisa has been diagnosed with herpes, and the doctor confronts Henry with the fact that he knows Lisa was sexually abused. And then he calls the police and has Henry arrested.

No, wait. That’s what a decent person would do. Instead, the doctor takes the opportunity to witness to Henry about Jesus.

The doctor explains that Henry isn’t responsible for his actions because “Satan is in control.” Fortunately, if Henry accepts Christ as his savior, Satan won’t be allowed to tempt him beyond what he is “able to bear.” That’s all Henry needs to hear! He drops to his knees, repents, and prays. And when he’s done, he feels clean. Hell, he’s practically glowing!

So Henry returns home and tells his wife that the most wonderful thing has happened to him.

We then find out that Henry’s wife, Linda, knew all about his molestation of their daughter. However, Linda chose to turn a blind eye because she was molested as a child by her uncle. Linda tearfully confesses that she’s been taking out her frustration on Lisa as well, and that she has “really hurt her.” Fortunately, Henry knows how to make everything better. He prays with Linda, and she invites Jesus into her life.

And then, ten minutes later, they cheerfully tell the tiny, teddy-bear-clutching Lisa that they’ve got wonderful news. “Your daddy and I will never hurt you again,” Linda says. “We love you, and Jesus does too.”

And so our story ends with poor Lisa suffering from herpes and the emotional scars of having been raped and abused by her parents (and a neighbor, who never gets mentioned again). But it’s a happy ending, because Henry and Linda have become Christians after seeing the error of their ways.

So the moral of our story is that pornography is bad. Oh, and apparently it’s okay to rape and abuse children as long as you ask Jesus into your heart when you’re done.

Fuck you, Jack Chick. Just fuck you.

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  1. This comic badly needs Rorschach to turn up.

    • You mean Brick Stone?

  2. What… the…Fuck.. Haha! i agree with the poster Above (Rick) Rorschach REALLY needs to pop up in this comic! i mean seriously? he raped his child, he let his next door Neighbor rape his OWN CHILD, he gave his child herpes (or was that because he was whoring her out? i really dont know) LISA’s OWN MOTHER HATES HER (WHY?!) and because they both prayed its fine now. you know i was a christian till i was around 13-14 years old, and jesus never helped all of MY problems. i mean its retarded to even say such a thing, that if you pray and ask god to forgive you then your somehow fixed, every problem means nothing. if i could draw comics (i can draw i just suck at sequential art) id draw another panel to this comic where the cops bust in, arrest BOTH of the parents, take lisa put her in a foster home, she grows up finds a boy who loves her regardless of the herpes she was smote with due to her evil fucking father and lives happily ever after (because SOMEBODY needs to give this fucking comic a REAL happy ending!)

    • I totally agree with. This jack dude is an a**hole. I grew up believing shit like this until I was 12, and I’m never going back.
      Hell, I used to yell at kids in different religions.

  3. Wooooow…what an abominable person…!

  4. We need the Punisher breaking into to break every bone of this bastard and then throw him to police into a bag! Really, what an asshole this Chick is.

  5. The really crazy thing was that the whole time, I was expecting his daughter to at least be a teenager. The final panel was a shocker.

    So, according to Jack Chick, there should be no jails, except perhaps for Catholics and atheists. If you commit a crime, all you need to do is pray to Jesus, and everything is OK. Why even have a court system?

  6. I… just wow. I knew Chick was hateful, ignorant, and generally insane. But this is just reprehensible. There’s not even anything to laugh about here; it just makes me feel nauseous, and a little dead on the inside. I need a shower.

  7. As someone who was sexually abused for 8 years by her stepfather, I just want to say that this tract is one of THE most fucked up things I’ve ever seen. I was raised as a Christian til I was 14…then I turned to Wicca, and have never looked back.

    Let’s see, a religion that (while new) teaches that there is no Lucifer, that you are responsible for your words/actions, and that trying your best to “Harm None” is a good way to live one’s life?

    Or one that relies on a 2,000 year old book that says you can basically be an intolerant, hateful, clinic burning, gay hating, pedophile rapist your entire life…but as long as you accept Jesus as “the one true way” before you die, you’re perfectly fine?

    I may have to deal with people thinking I’m a lost, devil worshipping hippie feminist (yeah, right) but I feel even worse for REAL Christians who have people like Todd Atkin, Pat Robertson and Jack Chick to “speak for them”.

  8. Well, this is genuinely evil. The tract I mean, not your blog, which is a public service.

  9. Reblogged this on Leaving Fundamentalism and commented:
    Fundamentalism is not always just wrong. Sometimes, it’s also evil. This blog is worth following. Also, Chick Tracts have a litigious reputation, so I suspect some of these posts may not be online forever.

  10. Reblogged this on Life Is Anything That Dies When You Stomp On It. and commented:
    Just completely wrong and disgusting. Forget about protecting the child, the first priority is making sure the rapist is going to heaven.

    This is why Christianity is mocked.

  11. I always found chic tracts most stimulating coming from a conservative holiness background.
    It achieved two things in my adolescent mind. It allowed me to read comics . (Which were taboo) and it awakened deviant sexual thoughts I had never had.
    Thank you chic for making this contradiction possible by stirring in a little Jesus.

  12. Wait, where is that thing Jesus said about how those who lead children astray would be better off with millstones around their necks?

    Or that thing somewhere in the book of Matthew about adulterers and perverts burning in a lake of fire?

    So basically, since the guy was already going to hell anyway, he might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb, right? Or maybe now that he’s accepted Jesus, child molestation is okay. It’s scary how many people really do end up believing things like that.

  13. Um… OK. Chick is a bad storyteller. His tales have holes in them and they are completely retarded. But the story is not finished. Obviously. Chick isn’t saying rape and child abuse are okay. He’s trying to tell a story in his own retarded way. He’s saying that no matter what you’re in Jesus is willing to forgive, so yeah I am a Christian, and I can agree these comics are very stupid. But any person with a mental capability over that of a rock can clearly see he is not advocating anything but his own beliefs.

    • Jonathon, Very true!

  14. Oh wow. I remember this one because it really messed with my head — more so than the others. My mother was attending a crazy pentecostal church and my father was sexually abusing me. I was 13 when this was published. She brought it home and I was convinced that my father just needed to find Jesus and all would be ok. So simple, right?

    Reading it through middle-aged eyes and after years of therapy is a trip. What a fucked up pamphlet. I wonder how many other abused kids read this and didn’t realize they had a right to have their abuse recognized and their traumas addressed because none of that occurs in the story. It just reinforced all the other negative messages I was receiving about myself. Uh, thanks, Chick.

  15. How’d you like Chick’s idea that it was the wife’s fault for the husbandd raping the daughter?

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