Getting to Know You… IN THE BIBLICAL SENSE!

"Please open your Bibles to the book of Hooteronomy!"So I was browsing through the TV Tropes website a while back, and I ran across this ad.  And naturally, my first thought was, “Wow!  Check out the nice rack on *that* Christian!  Please open your Bibles to the Book of Hooteronomy!”

Personally, I really like the idea that Christians are allowed to join for free.  But I wonder just who it is that makes the distinction.  Do Mormons count?  Not if you ask the Baptists.  Do Baptists count?  Not according to the Church of Christ.  “Sorry sir, but the obscure gnostic sect to which you belong was declared heretical by Pope Angus VI back in 983 A.D.  I’m afraid you’ll have to pony up the $25 service charge.”

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