Everyone loves Chick tracts!

Everyone loves Chick tracts!

Except for Catholics, communists, gay people, rock musicians, college professors, Muslims, Mormons, Jews, Democrats, Freemasons, hippies, druids, scientists, Halloween enthusiasts, Harry Potter fans, liberals, and kids who play Dungeons and Dragons.

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Are Jack Chick and Robert Crumb the Same Person?

Over on The Curator, Dylan Peter makes a compelling case that batshit insane fundamentalist Jack Chick may very well be batshit insane underground comics legend Robert Crumb. Don’t know if I buy into the theory or not, but it would certainly explain Jack Chick’s obsession with the Tijuana Bible format…

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XXX Jack Chick After Dark XXX

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Who’s That Chick?

Jack T. Chick has spent the last 40 years putting the “mental” back into “fundamental” by railing against Satanists, gays, evolution, hippies, liberals, Dungeons & Dragons, Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, and any form of Christianity that differs from his own extremely narrow belief system. In fact, the basic tenet of Chick’s faith seems to be that God is a capricious asshole who is just *itching* for an excuse to cast your sinning ass into Hell.


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