Chick Trope: Pitching for the Angels…

By far, this is one of Jack Chick’s favorite motifs, as it shows up in slightly more than 100% of his tracts. After a person is deemed unworthy of Heaven, he or she is then personally carted by an angel to the pits of Hell and tossed in. You’d think God would eventually streamline the process by installing a trap door in front of His throne, maybe with a fun, twisty slide down to the lake of fire. That way, the angels could spend more time in Heaven, breaking up fights between rapists and serial killers.


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  1. Um… it appears that the angels divest people of their clothing prior to dropping them into the fiery pit. They must not trust that the fire will be hot enough to burn the clothing off, or perhaps they’re impatient to see 1st degree burns right away as opposed to waiting five minutes or so.

    For that matter, the angels appear to be wearing big, voluminous robes themselves, which is odd considering that clothing is related to mankind’s shame which came about after eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge and thereby incurring sin. One would figure that clothing would be unnecessary in Heaven, and they surely couldn’t find it cold as they stand on the side of the fiery lake, throwing naked people in.

    • You raise an interesting theological point. I think the truly righteous would attend church naked and unashamed, as a sign that they have rejected sin. But just try floating that past your Sunday School teacher and see what happens…

  2. No one is burning in hell right now. And when they do burn they won’t burn for eternity. Just read what I have link up there, it can explain a lot better.

  3. (Updated) No one is burning in hell right now. And when they do burn they won’t burn for eternity. It’s everlasting fire not eternal fire. Not even God will go so far to that.

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