Who’s That Chick?

Jack T. Chick has spent the last 40 years putting the “mental” back into “fundamental” by railing against Satanists, gays, evolution, hippies, liberals, Dungeons & Dragons, Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, and any form of Christianity that differs from his own extremely narrow belief system. In fact, the basic tenet of Chick’s faith seems to be that God is a capricious asshole who is just *itching* for an excuse to cast your sinning ass into Hell.

According to his official biography page, Jack Chick was quite the hellion in high school. In fact, none of the Christians would have anything to do with him because of his bad language (which I assume refers to swearing, rather than poor grammar).  However, sometime around 1948, he was “saved” while listening to the Old Fashioned Revival Hour on the radio.

With the foundations of his belief securely in place, he was ready to reach out to the unwashed masses and bring them around to his way of thinking. There was just one problem — anyone capable of actually reading a book would immediately dismiss him as a slathering loon. So he mulled it over, and decided the best way to reach his target audience would be to condense all of his bugfuckery down to easily digestible comic book pamphlets. And thus was born the Chick tract!

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