Look Out!!!


People who don’t go to church will gun you down in cold blood!!!

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  1. Yes, the most moral people are clearly those who want to rape, pillage, and kill indiscriminately, but who manage (barely, one presumes, in at least some cases) to restrain themselves only out of the fear of the condign punishment that would surely await them in the next life, were they to give in to such delectable temptations.
    SOOO much more moral than those who, never having the temptations in the first place to rape, steal from, or slaughter their fellow humans, don’t have to develop the strength of character and will to so refrain.
    Those Godless secular humanist types are obviously the lowest of the low.
    Good thing none of them will ever become President — and we should really be giving some serious consideration as to whether they should be allowed to remain citizens. They’re sure to be troublemakers someday if we keep tolerating their presence here.

  2. “She would of been a good woman, if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life”

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