Chick Parody: Who’s Your Daddy?

One of Jack Chick’s more notorious tracts is Big Daddy?, in which a student goes head to head with a college professor and “proves” that evolution is full of holes. Since the professor’s understanding of science is no better than Chick’s, he is of course unable to refute the horribly inaccurate “arguments” of the student. As usually happens in Chick’s world, the professor sees the error of his ways and decides to give up teaching evolution. Oh, spoiler alert.

Who’s Your Daddy is a brilliant parody of this unfortunate Chick tract. Written by PhineasBg (probably not his real name) and posted on the Facts4U website, Who’s Your Daddy does a great job of skewering Jack Chick’s ineffectual attack on science.

Who's Your Daddy?

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  1. I just found this blog and I have a feeling I’m going to greatly enjoy reading over the archives 😀 I friggin love Chick tracts.

  2. Hey Annie! Hope you find me as funny as I find myself 😉 Off to check out your blog now, because anyone who loves Jack Chick automatically gets a slot on my list of favorite people…

  3. Actually maybe he does not provide the necessary information but why don’t you check out Kent Hovind. He is a creationist who has very much debunked the myth of evolution. I see you take so much of your time, and put a lot of effort into finding everything wrong and severely twisting information. Just so you know, NOT everyone who says Lord,Lord will enter into Heaven. If they have not received the gift of grace it’s impossible to have faith in Jesus and what He has done.

    You don’t know any better. I get that. Nevertheless I will pray for you. But know this. It is very much true that we will all have to give an account for our actions,thoughts,and deeds….regardless of weather you believe it. Rather than make so many assumptions why don’t you take the time to see the other side of the coin,hmm? Heaven is NOT just a place for a bunch of pedos or some garbage. The Kingdom of Heaven is for God’s children, and you must be like a child (in the spirit) to enter. People sin. People are driven to do some real sick stuff. People have the choice between right and wrong.Jesus paid for the atonement of all who will have Him. And when one does and the change takes place genuinely. One IS TRULY changed and there is no denying it. I should know.

  4. Actually, I did check out the barely literate and horribly inaccurate “thesis” of Kent Hovind. The fact that anyone still considers him an authority on anything is both laughable and sad. Sort of like a clown dying hilariously in his sleep.

    Oh, and thanks for the prayers, Amanda. I have no doubt they’ll be utterly heartfelt and sincere.

  5. Even if I do agree with the stuff this guy is saying, he didn’t really need to spiral off in a speech explaining the holes of Christianity. If you do that, you’re basically following Chick’s main flaw–being an asshole that doesn’t respect other religions or people for their religions.

  6. “Offendedness”, as I call it, is a common psychological gimmick that, unfortunately, a lot of religious believers are afflicted with. It’s a social psychological characteristic used to try to close the mind against paying any attention to what critics say. In connection with this, the use of the word “respect” in the context of “respect people for their religions” wrongly conflates two different meanings of “respect”.

    We “respect” the right of people to hold whatever beliefs they wish to hold (freedom of belief). This includes, by the way, believing in ideas that are patently false, even beliefs that are both obviously illogical and factually wrong such as the religious doctrine of young earth creationism – the belief that the universe and the earth have not been in existence for more than about 6,000 years or so, including an associated belief that all humans and all animals on the planet were wiped out in a worldwide flood that covered the highest mountains except for eight people and a contingent of animals on a big wooden boat around 4,300 years ago. (I say “obviously illogical” because of the obviously fallacious argumentation that is so pervasive in young earth creationist rhetoric. I say “factually wrong” because of all the facts about the world we know about in both geological science and astronomical science that completely falsify the notion of young earth creationism.)

    But respecting the *right* of people to believe whatever they want to believe – even ideas that it’s quite stupid to believe – does *not* mean we have to respect the *person* for believing that, *nor* does it mean we have to respect the beliefs themselves.

    By the way, Jack Chick, Kent Hovind, and a lot of fundamentalist Christians like them, are “assholes” in regard to the attitudes they display against ideas they disagree with and the defiantly deceitful manner in which they attack those ideas. They offend me. (This is an ironic remark.) If anyone wants to play the offendedness game, I’m just going to play my trump card of being just as, if not more, offended than they are, over their defiant promotion of false ideas.

    But I don’t actually care about the offendedness game. I just wanted to point out the hypocritical nature of the double standard (not to mention the red herring irrelevance) that so many fundamentalist religious believers display. Note how such fundamentalist Christian religious believers consider it perfectly okay that Chick, Hovind, and so many more like them, are boldly promoting complete bullshit about science based on ignorance, distortions, misinformation, and blatant lies, but should anyone DARE to boldly confront such corrupt rhetoric, well then – oh my word – you are “being an asshole that doesn’t respect other religions or people for their religions.”

    Yeah, it’s so “offensive” when critics show that what you believe is not just wrong, but silly to believe.

    – Steve Greene

  7. […] one pissed me off enough to write Lake Fossil. I didn’t realize I was preparing to take on Kent Hovind’s son — the shit doesn’t fall too far from the tree on levels of how […]

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